El Sistema Oklahoma’s free after-school program is for children in grades 3-12 during the Oklahoma City Public school calendar year. The majority of our students live or attend school within a five-mile radius of our program site located at 1001 NW 25th Street in Oklahoma City.   Our students are referred by their school faculty based on a student benefitting from an opportunity to experience joy and hope to needing a community or enrolled as a sibling or relative of El Sistema students. Our entire program (instruments, transportation, instruction, social support, academic support, healthy snacks) is provided completely free of charge to families.  Children do not need any prior musical experience and are not required to audition to be a part of the program.  Almost 300 hours of music instruction and 140 hours of academic support will be provided for our students this year alone.  The expectation is that children will continue to grow in the program for many years, continuing to improve their music and social skills, while ultimately returning to the community as mentors and contributing citizens for future generations. We choose to focus on music as the tool for transformation because of music’s exceptional power to be a gateway to success for children who many times are unsuccessful in other social and academic areas.

El Sistema Oklahoma Program

All Students:

Guided Practice: all students have daily opportunities to receive small group instruction with their instrument teacher

Instrument Instruction: all students receive daily instrument lessons ranging from small groups to individual.

Elementary and Second Year Students:

Nueva Strings: our youngest, beginning elementary student’s ensemble opportunity once a week

Promesa Band: our second-year students ensemble opportunity once a week

Fundamental Class: all students participate in a daily music theory class for their music ensemble

(Students participate 5 days a week)

Middle and High School Students:

Alegria Orchestra: our middle school students full orchestra ensemble opportunity once a week

Esperanza Orchestra: our high school students full orchestra ensemble opportunity twice a week

Modern Band: our beginning middle school student’s ensemble opportunity daily

Fundamental Class: all students participate in a music theory class for their music ensemble

Composition Lab: middle and high school students participate in music making from classical orchestral music to modern genres

Innovations: middle and high school students choose from a weekly elective music class ranging from  bash the trash, choir, conducting, etc.

Chamber Groups: middle and high school student play in a small group of instruments once a week

Fame (Future Awesome Music Educators):  high school students interested in becoming a music educator participate in a weekly class to gain instruction and experience mentoring younger El Sistema students.

(Middle School students participate 5 days a week. High School students may select their schedule which is also dependent on experience and instructor approval)