Continuous Music Learning

The entire El Sistema faculty and Board wishes safety and good health to you and your loved ones during this time of uncertainty and change.  Our entire faculty is developing a plan to produce and share resources, activities, and videos to enhance our student’s playing at home over the next several weeks.  We are committed to doing what we can to provide inspiration in such a challenging time.  Our goal is to keep students plaing, which we believe will keep their spirits up and fill homes with hope!

Continuous Music Learning

El Sistema Student participating in a zoom lesson.
“I can’t thank you guys enough for the continued efforts and music instruction El Sistema has provided my son “-El Sistema Parent

Over the next few weeks, you may see an increase or change in behavior from your kids.  Whether it’s anxiety, or anger, or protesting that they can’t do normal things- it will probably happen.  You might see more meltdowns, tantrums, or oppositional behaviors.

Kids need to feel comforted and loved.  Please take the time to love on your kids!  Spend time outside, watch movies, play games, ENJOY MUSIC, etc. Every single child is in the same boat so don’t over worry about school or a schedule.  Don’t fight with your kids because they don’t want to do math, or get frustrated if a schedule isn’t exactly followed.

If we can leave you with one thing, it’s this: at the end of this period of time, your child’s mental health will be most important.  How they felt during this time with stay with them long after the memory of these weeks are gone.  Keep this in mind! It is our hope that these activities and resources shared with you will bring your child and family joy, support and hope!

For students who may have an instrument or a music binder at site, we are offering curb side pick up at First Presbyterian Church on Thursday, arch 26 from 1-4 pm. Please pull up to the curb by ESO entrance, and we will bring what you need to your car!  No need to get out!  If you are unable to pick up an instrument at this time, please call or text the ESO phone at so other arrangements can be made.

Friends & Families of El Sistema

We have created a private Facebook account in order to allow older students and younger student’s families to safely message and receive resources, activities and videos from teachers.  Search for El Sistema Private Group and ask to join.  You will need to answer a few identifying questions in order to have access.

Your child’s instrument teacher will be in contact with you through email, phone or text over the next few days.  Please discuss with them any concerns you may be having with your child or family.  You may also contact Ms. Jayme through the ESO phone or her email.  Please let us know if you need assistance with food for your family during this time.  El Sistema has several resources to provide meals and would love to include your family if needed.

You may also message us through Facebook or contact ESO by phone or text at 405-505-1494 with additional concerns or questions.