Virtual Friday Activities

Week 1

Composition Classes

Watch this video and have some creative fun!

Week 2

Composition Classes

Record an introduction using Flipgrid

Use the password Okc12345

Week 3

Composition Classes

Emoji motifs! Watch the video, create your own and post to Flipgrid (use the link in Week 2 above)

Week 4

Composition Classes

Complete the unfinished melodies presented in this video. Write your own ideas to complete the musical idea.

Week 5

Composition Classes

Write down your own favorite food song using the examples presented in Part 1 of the video.

Week 6

Composition Classes

Create a piece of music for your friends. Pay attention to what instrument (clef, time signature, key) you are writing for. Let's make music for our friends!

Week 7

Composition Classes

Follow the instructions in the video to make your own "Musical Fortune Teller". Once you are done follow the next set of instructions to start writing your own piece of music using this method.

Week 8



Week 9